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Special Thanks to the Bade Family for letting us capture this video

Here’s the trouble we ran into. The entrance reducer and feeder won’t both fit without cutting a piece off of the reducer. Before you install your bees, measure the base of your entrance feeder and add 1 inch. This is the amount you will need to cut off your reducer (If your family has a different feeder set up this step is not needed).


Steps to install your nuc:

1)You will need suit, smoker, tool, feeder, syrup, empty frames, and MODIFIED entrance reducer

2) Make your 1:1 syrup. So 1 lb sugar per 1 pint water

3) Light your smoker

4) Lightly smoke the bees in nuc box

5) Pull frames straight up to prevent squashing bees and transfer to the center of your hive in the same order

6) Put empty frames in to fill your box and center all frames 

7) Smoker bees off of the surface then put on inner cover 

8) Put on lid

9) Install feeder

10) Place entrance reducer with the end against the feeder. This will leave the gap for the entrance on the opposite side. 

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