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The Montgomery County Beekeepers Association's purpose is to enrich the lives of people and honey bees in Montgomery County and surrounding areas, through the study and practice of beekeeping.



The Montgomery County Beekeepers Association was established on April 25, 1975 with its first meeting at the Gulf States Auditorium.  R.C. McMullen was the first President,  Avel Murphey was the Vice - President, and Christy Bennett was the Secretary and Treasurer.



We are made up of small scale beekeepers from all parts of Montgomery County and other nearby counties. We meet on the Third Monday of each month to expand our knowledge about honey bees and beekeeping.  As of 2019 our club is made up of 198 families with an average meeting attendance of 150. We welcome guests to join us to determine if beekeeping is something they wish to pursue further.

Current Officers


President: Matt Thomas

1st Vice President: Brad Womack

2nd Vice President: Ronnie Whitman

Secretary: Keri Warren

Treasurer: Nadia Clark




MoCo Youth Sponsorship Program

Nanette Davis - Director

MoCo Apprentice Beekeeper Program

Ed Erwin - Director




Past Presidents


2020-22 Andy Knight

2017-18 Brian Stroud

2016 Doug Stanley

2015 Anita Stepp

2012-2014 Leesa Hyder

Lifetime Members

Monty Odom

Leesa Hyder

Bob Rabuck

John Hicks

Jerry & Janelle Ronquille

Craig & Ursula Heffelman

Special Recognition to:

Doyle Burchett - Founder of MCBA Mentor Program

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