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Montgomery County Beekeepers Association Minutes and By-Laws

Monthly Meeting Minutes

JAN 2024

Meeting cancelled due to weather

JUN 2023

FEB 2024

AUG 2023

MAR 2024

SEP 2023

APR 2024

OCT 2023

MAY 2024

NOV 2023

Montgomery County Beekeepers Association



identity & Affiliation

Sec. 1- The name of the Organization is Montgomery County Beekeepers Association. 

Sec. 2- The Organization shall maintain membership in the Texas Beekeepers Association.




The Objectives of the Organization are to encourage and promote Beekeeping; to gain knowledge, exchange ideas, share techniques, skills and information through monthly meetings, workshops, public demonstrations, personal mentoring & formal training.



Sec. 1- Membership shall consist of Individuals or Families interested in the stated Objectives of the Organization who shall have been accepted following submission of an initial written application form with fee for first years dues. The Board shalt determine initial Membership acceptance and may request a personal interview, with notification of acceptance given to Applicants within 45 days of Application. Families may apply under one application form.

Sec. 2- Membership Renewal shall be yearly upon timely payment of the Renewal Dues.

Sec. 3- Any member in good standing may propose to sponsor and mentor a new member, and all existing members are strongly encouraged to help facilitate the Organizations goals and insure ifs future growth by accepting responsibility to become acquainted with all new members and by offering mentoring assistance in their education, skills and growth as new beekeepers, remembering the investment others have made in your knowledge & success.




Sec. 1- The Officers of the club shall consist of a President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. One person may serve temporarily as needed in more than one capacity or office pending yearly elections. All Officers, and those serving as committee chairs, must be a minimum of 18 years of age, and should be members in good standing, known and active in the club, and actively engaged in Beekeeping activities.

Sec. 2- The Officers of this Organization constitute the Board of Directors. They are authorized by Article 9 of these BYLAWS to act in a quorum for the consideration of special matters in the interim between regular monthly meetings, and may be called into special Board meetings as necessary by the President, or in his incapacitation or prolonged absence, by the First Vice-President.


Duties of the Officers

Sec. 1- The Duties of the Officers of this Organization shall be such as shall be implied by their respective titles and such as are specified in these By-Laws. Each Officer shall keep accurate records of his/her work and turn them over to their successors following their terms of office. All Officers are expected to attend regular club meetings or specially called Board meetings. If an Officer is absent for three consecutive club meetings or two consecutive Board meetings without legitimate excuse, as determined by the other Board members, he /she may be removed from their position and the position filled as described in Article 5 Sec 3(a)(b), and Articles 7 Sec 2 and Article 9. Any Officer may, of necessity, be called to serve temporarily in more than one capacity as a Board Officer.


Sec. 2- The President shall preside as Executive Director and Chairman at all meetings of the Organization, including monthly club and business meetings, meetings of the Board of Directors, picnics, workshops, special events and educational efforts. He or she shall have authority to call special Board meetings; sign and authorize official Association documents, notices, letters and correspondence; set the Agenda for all monthly club, business and Board meetings; establish meeting dates, times and locations for such meetings; and authorize & approve the yearly Schedule of special events, workshops & picnics. Further, the President shall appoint all committee sub-chairmen subject to ratification of the Board of Directors, and he/she shall be the ex-officio member of all committees of the Organization. The President shall authorize all checks for disbursement of funds as requested by the Treasurer.


Sec. 3- (a.) -The First Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence or incapacitation, and shall act in an advisory capacity at all times. In the case of death, resignation or removal of the President, He/She shall become President for the remainder of the unexpired term. He/she shalt serve as Program & Training Director for the Organization, and shalt be responsible for planning and coordination of monthly club programs, over-seeing special events and activities, workshops and demonstrations. He/she may appoint, with Board approval, various club members in good standing to actively assist in the planning, promotion and performance of these activities as deemed helpful or necessary.


(b.) -The Second Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President and the First Vice-President in their absence, and shall act in an advisory capacity at all times. In case of death, resignation or removal of both the President and first Vice-President, He/She shall become President and serve the remaining unexpired term. He/She shall serve as Director of Communications, with responsibility for all monthly meeting notifications by standard mail. Additional means of communicating the events and activities of the Organization through phone calls, e-mails, newsletters, flyer's, mail-outs, advertising and radio-TV promotions fall under his/her purview. He/she may appoint, with Board approval, various club members in good standing to actively assist in the performance of these duties, as deemed helpful or necessary.

Sec. 4- The Secretary shall keep an accurate and correct record of the proceedings and minutes of all meetings of the organization, including regular monthly club, business and Board meetings. He/she shall keep a current list of the Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Membership Applications of all active members. This membership list may be made available for purposes of club mail-outs and notifications, but no commercial use or sharing of club name-lists may be permitted without Board approval. All records are to be considered private and confidential to members of the Board unless otherwise advised. He/she shall preserve, in a permanent file, all records, notes, memos, e-mails and letters of value to the Organization and its officers, to be transferred in whole, including all electronic storage, to their successor at the close of their term of office. it is recommended this file be duplicated in electronic storage such as computer file or CD storage device for ease of transferability and secure storage. He/she shall also keep an attendance roster of all meetings, and it shall be their duty to confirm the attendance of all Officers at all meetings, both monthly club meetings and Board meetings, and to advise the President when an Officer has been absent from three consecutive club or business meetings or two Board meetings. The Secretary shalt process all correspondence necessary for the Organization, except that the President may act in his/her Executive capacity to initiate or expedite letters and correspondence in promoting club business, providing he/she supplies copies of all correspondence to the Secretary for the The Secretary shall affix his/her signature and date to all official minutes of meetings.

Sec. 5- The Treasurer shall have charge of all monies and shall report thereon at all club business or Board meetings when requested. He/she shall be authorized to sign checks approved by the President or Board as sole signatory required, and to disburse funds as needed to cover the ordinary operating costs of the Association, including disbursement of approved hotel costs, gift certificates and honorariums for speakers. He/she shall collect yearly Dues from all members, providing record or receipt thereof. He/she shall keep an itemized record, in a permanent file, of all receipts and expenditures and be prepared to give a written report of the same at frequent intervals. Exceptional requests for expenditures by any Board member over $200 require the Treasurer to immediately notify and receive prior approval from the President; the potential for a bank balance falling below a minimum of $200 becomes cause for the Treasurer to notify the President to immediately call for a Special Board meeting to address the issue and determine measures to increase the balance.




Sec. 1- An Auditing Committee, consisting of at least three members in good standing elected by the Membership at the regular January meeting, shall audit the financial accounts of this Organization annually. This audit shall be conducted and completed within 30 days of before the next regular monthly club business meeting This temporary committee shall be disbanded following each annual audit.

Sec. 2- Refreshment supplies for regular monthly meetings shalt be handled by a Host or Hostess who oversees a Hospitality Committee responsible to see that basic supplies (such as cups, plates, forks, spoons, coffee, drinks) are supplied at meetings, while encouraging club members to provide refreshments. Committees and Special project groups shall be appointed or created by the President or Board at his direction as the need arises, with leadership being chosen by the Board from among existing members in good standing. All members should be available & willing to serve on Committees or Special Project groups when asked & as needed.


Nominations & Elections

Sec. 1- Officers shall be elected at the Organization’s regular annual January business meeting, and shall assume their duties immediately following adjournment of that meeting. Election shall be by nomination from the Board or from members of the club, submitted for consideration in writing or verbally during the January business meeting. Election shall be by written ballot, with all members age 18 and older permitted to vote. Ballots shall be counted and elected candidates announced by a Ballot Committee of three members appointed at that


Sec. 2- Vacancies created by succession of Officers during their unexpired term shall be permanently filled at this election. Six months or more equates to a full term of office.


Sec. 3- Elected Officers serve for one year terms , and may serve up to four consecutive terms if so elected, to insure stability, continuity of vision & cohesiveness of the programs of the Organization. An interval of one year shall elapse before a member is again eligible for reelection to the same following four consecutive terms in the same office. The goal in selecting Officers is to groom and develop responsible emergent leaders from within the club capable of building on previous advances that result in progression of purpose and growth of the Organization into the future. Officers should be proactive in recruiting future replacements.




Sec. 1- Regular Monthly meetings shall be held on the 3rd Monday of each month unless otherwise announced, beginning at 7:00pm. Changes due to availability of facilities or other circumstances shall be addressed as they arise, with every attempt made to notify club members in a timely manner. The regular January meeting of each year shall be designated the Annual Report Meeting, at which time reports summarizing the previous year’s activities shalt be given by the President and various Officers and Committee members.


Sec. 2- Special meetings may be called by the President for the Club or the Board, with every attempt made to notify members and Officers in a timely manner of the reason, and with no agenda matters considered other than the ones stated in the call for the special meeting.




One-fourth (1/4) of the Organizations average membership attendance at the last three meetings shall constitute a quorum at any club meeting. A majority of the members of the Board ( 3 of 5 Officers present) shall constitute a quorum of that body, and may act In-absentia of the President to conduct club business when the President has either so requested, or has become incapacitated or negligent in his/her duties as defined in Article 5 Sec. 2.



Sec. 1- Annual Dues for an individual or Family membership shall be determined and set annually by the Board upon review, discussion and a vote at the regular November meeting, payable at the beginning of each year and due at the January meeting. The membership fee is subject to review based on costs of maintaining the solvency of the Organization, and meeting the goals of it’s stated Objectives. New members annual fees are due upon initial Application for acceptance into the Association, and are not pro-rated for a partial year. Any member whose Dues remain unpaid after 60 days, or following the March meeting, shall be notified, then dropped from membership if not timely paid. Additional donations are accepted and financial support by it's members is encouraged above and beyond the basic yearly Dues.


Sec. 2- The Organization's year shall be from January through December of each calendar year, inclusive.




These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3rds) vote of the members present at any regular meeting, provided all members are notified in advance that such discussion or vote may occur. Copies of the proposed changes may be presented by the Board, reviewed and discussed during the same club meeting in which the vote for approval of changes occurs.

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