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Apprentice Beekeeper Program

New members are invited to participate in our Apprentice Beekeeper Program. Taught by a Master Beekeeper, this series of classes is designed for anyone exploring the possibility of acquiring honey bees or for those entering their first year of beekeeping. Any member of the Montgomery County Beekeepers Association is welcome to attend the 45-minute meetings, which occur prior to the main program. 

Participants will learn the basics of keeping honey bees, including bee biology, care of bees throughout the year, and how to recognize and treat common honey bee ailments and pests.  This introductory course also covers the history of bees, extracting honey, and bottling regulations.  Each month's lesson is designed to address beekeeping subjects relevant for that time of year. By the end of this yearlong program, apprentice beekeepers will be able to manage honey bee colonies for maximum bee health and honey production.

New beekeepers are encouraged to obtain Keith S. Delaplane's “First Lessons in Beekeeping,” which may be purchased from the MoCo Secretary at the beginning of the 7:00 pm main program or ordered from your preferred book seller. For more information, contact the Apprentice Beekeeping Program Director at:

Will you be the next graduate Beekeeper?

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