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Montgomery County Beekeepers Association does not do Bee removal. Below the form you will find a working list of folks that have asked to be listed to do removals. 

Most Beekeepers that remove Bees from structures do it for a living and charge to do the removal. Some Swarm removals may be inexpensive or even Free but it depends on the location and the Beekeeper doing the removal. We do not recommend or endorse anyone. If we provide you a name, we urge you to get references and verify the person is capable of doing the job. Structure removals should be done by insured Beekeepers registered with the Texas Apiary Inspection Service. Texas does not require a remover to be licensed so doing your due-diligence is recommended

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List of Removal contacts

Carlos Madruga


Phone: 936-523-0135

I am a professional beekeeper and live bee removal specialist. I am licensed by the State of Texas and fully insured. Because of our 30 years of residential construction experience, we are able to open up the structure, perform the bee removal, and rebuild the structure to its original condition.

3BeeGuys Bee Removal - Jim Davis

Our company performs swarms, structural removals, bees in trees, and we handle most all repair work. We've been doing removals professionally for over four years. We are fully insured (2 million Gl and Workers Comp), permitted for bee transportation with TAIS, and have a registered apiary. Please see contact and website information below: 

Jim Davis

3BeeGuys Bee Removal


Ronnie Whitman