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Can I keep Bees in My Neighborhood???   

Due to the large amount of information required to answer this question, we've attached the following document:  Can I keep Bees in My Neighborhood.doc

   Submitted by Leesa Hyder Director at Large -TBA for MoCo Beekeepers 9/5/15  - Updated on 4/18/16  

Important Links:

          Senate Bill 1766 and Selling Honey in Texas:

Senate Bill 1766

Selling Honey in Texas 

Texas Beekeepers Association

The Texas Beekeepers Association is a member based organization representative of commercial, side-liner, small scale beekeepers, as well as scientists, educators and other individuals interested in the promotion and preservation of honey bees and beekeeping in the State of Texas. 

            National Honey Board

The National Honey Board is a federal research and promotion board under USDA oversight that conducts research, marketing and promotion programs to help maintain and expand markets for honey and honey products.  The National Honey Board is not a regulatory agency nor does it have powers of enforcement.  The ten member board, appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, represents producers (beekeepers), packers, importers, and a marketing cooperative. 

American Beekeeping Federation

The ABF is a national organization with over 1,200 members that continually works in the interest of all beekeepers, large or small, and those associated with the industry to ensure the future of the Honey Bee.  Our members share a common interest to work toward a better education and information for all segments of the industry in the hope of increasing our chances for survival in today's competitive world.

Honey Locator

         Find REAL TEXAS HONEY near you.

Honey Bee Removal

         For Honeybee removal contact information.

Master Beekeeper Program

The Texas Master Beekeeper Program (TMBP) is an educational program designed to increase the knowledge and skill level of participating beekeepers. 

        Teaching Kids Resource

Check out this link for some helpful information when talking "BEES" to kids (resource provided by Jennifer, a student in Colorado).  Honey Bee Fun Facts

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      TBA Journal

Texas Beekeepers Association publishes a bi-monthly magazine. For membership information, teaching                           materials, and Online version of the Journal.

American Bee Journal

The American Bee Journal has the honor of being the oldest English language beekeeping publication in the world. Today, Dadant and Sons has the privilege of publishing the American Bee Journal for subscribers throughout the world. Readership is concentrated among hobby and commercial beekeepers, bee supply dealers, queen breeders, package-bee shippers, honey packers, and entomologists.

Bee Culture

The Magazine Of American Beekeeping, is designed for beginning, sideline and commercial beekeepers who what the latest information on keeping bees. Bee Culture Magazine comes out once a month, but news and information is constant. 

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